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Impossible Twisted Dots

It's possible to have a lot of fun with a basic game. Endeavor to encircle all of the points with a single circle. Playing it is enjoyable and rewarding There are almost 1200 levels. Boredom may be relieved by playing Pin Circle, a free and easy game. The game's interface is straightforward, with an arrow stack at the bottom and a rotating wheel in the middle. To play, players must make fireballs onto the rotating wheel one at a time while avoiding contact with any other balls. As the game advances, their intention is an increasing number of balls, eventually reaching 100. This game might get more difficult if the wheel spins too swiftly or too slowly. To win, you must launch all of the balls into the stack; if not, the screen color changes to red. Pin Circle will keep you entertained for a long time because of its enormous number of levels and variety.


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